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Rare Gems

Rare Gems

Gemsvana is a premium retailer of fine gems and minerals. We're dedicated to sourcing and supplying the best gems.



Our goal is to deliver a unique gem, that makes you feel something. We're obsessed with sourcing hard to find gems, that are one of a kind.

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  • Gemsvana is dedicated to making sure all gems come in a safe, and ethical, manner. We want our end-buyers to feel good about their gems, and how they were mined.


  • Gemsvana cares deeply about quality and sourcing. We only sell excellent gems that we can be proud of. It means we inspect, and guarantee, the integrity and quality of the things we're selling.

  • Our team consists of seasoned experts in the gem industry. We go directly to the source, and cut out the middle man. Our team sources, and supplies, to some of the leading brands in the world.